Thursday, January 22, 2015

History Day

Test and Homework aren't the only stressful thing at Los Osos Middle School. As the due date of History Day sneek ever so closer, 8th grade students of LOMS trouble with finding partners and ideas for their projects.

For the History Day project students are to find a group/ partner or work alone on creating a play, documentary, exhibit, or if working individually you could do a paper. The topic is also by choice and quite exponential as well, which is to find a historical figure that fits within the background of being a leader and leaving behind a legacy along with it.

As 8th grade student Alexis states "Yeah, I'd say its enough time considering that we have about a month and one-a-half to finish it".

Even though a month and-a-half sounds like a wile, some students are already intelligently starting their work earlie. As the poster in Mr. Kirbies room says "Warning, due dates are closer than they appear" can be used as a good reference and warning to beginning early.

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